Experience a luxurious shopping journey like no other at Atlantis, The Royal, the newest and ultra-luxury experiential hotel in Dubai, where Tanagra has opened its next luxury retail destination. From home décor to gifting and dining essentials, discover a curated selection of brands like Baccarat, Christofle, Daum, Lalique, Dolce&Gabbana Casa, Etro, Missoni, Baobab Collection, and more. Enjoy an opulent interior design with elegant finishes, as well as luxurious furnishings, all while being assisted by our knowledgeable team members who will ensure a delightful shopping experience.

Discover our limited-time exclusive exhibition, showcasing 4 incredible limited-edition masterpieces created by world-class artisans.

Christofle Tree Of Life

A creation with deep symbolic meaning, the Tree of Life crystallises Christofle’s attachment to its history, as well as its international influence and fascination with world cultures. The tree has its roots in France, the birthplace of the brand, and develops into an orb – a real technical feat that saw the craftsmen in the Haute Orfèvrerie workshops using a rare flattening technique to hone metal into a round shape around a spherical horn measuring 1 meter in diameter. With the Burj Khalifa running down the center of this masterpiece, it took 6 weeks of planning and 8 months to produce. Within its gleaming structure, it holds the world, beautifully represented by intricately designed butterflies in eye-catching colours.

Chirstofle Mood Collection

One of the most iconic contemporary creations of maison Christofle, the Mood flatware set with chest was revealed in 2015. A decorative piece with a compact, egg-like shape, it is a playful and chic statement on refined living envisioned through a silver-plated service for six. Eschewing traditional presentation of flatware in boxes, Mood brings to the table the promise of conviviality and creating precious memories with loved ones. A conversation starter, it offers a sleek alternative to placing cutlery around the plate, smartly concealing, and revealing beautifully crafted silverware. It is the perfect dinner table accessory for the modern host.

Daum Tropical Peacock

Born from a remarkable collaboration between sculptor Madeleine van der Knoop and Daum, only eight pieces of this artistic interpretation of the peacock exist in the world. This astonishing 1.9-meter reproduction of the magnificent creature took the maison’s artisans 18 months to develop. The result – impressive in size, brightness and delicacy – is marked by a watercolour effect on turquoise crystal, a gold-flashed silver crest and shimmering amethyst and white diamond eyes that seem to gaze deep into our souls. Presented on a polished black granite pedestal from Zimbabwe, the Tropical Peacock stands tall as one of Daum’s most coveted creations.

Daum Prestige Eagle

Celebrating the impressive power of the majestic bird, Daum’s ‘L’Aigle Prestige’ reveals the maison’s mastery of the lost-wax technique and ability to breathe life into crystal. Conveying the bird’s strength and presence, the maker captures each detailed with precision – dazzlingly accentuated as light passes through the delicate crystal. With eyes made of yellow sapphires and onyx that draw the onlooker in and a glided beak that enhances the beauty of the carved crystal, the sculpture is perched on a black granite base from Zimbabwe. It took 1700 hours for Daum’s master artisans to transform the artist’s vision into this life-like model.