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A Celebratory Collection

A collection of exclusive pieces to celebrate Tanagra’s 40th Anniversary

Aux Papillons Vase, Bernardaud


A pillar in our region’s homes - Tanagra establishes itself as the leading destination for luxury lifestyle, art de vivre, decorative pieces and the ultimate gifting destination, as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this 2021.


Coveting some of the most exquisite luxury home brands, Tanagra is a home for the finer things in life. Our brands come from all corners of the globe, where values are shared in the ‘arte de vivre’. Some of these brands have been with us along our 40 year journey, since opening our doors in 1981 – and to celebrate this journey with us, they have created a very special set of exclusive products that we now bring to you. 

Aux Papillons Vase, Bernardaud


A collection inspired by curiosity cabinets in vogue in the 17th century and the fascination for the beauty of the iridescent wings of butterflies, the Oiseaux adorns a new look in celebration of Tanagra’s 40th Anniversary.


Typically crafted with both butterflies and birds, this exclusive edition only displays the beautiful butterflies. Like an aviary, the butterflies come in tones of carmine, pink and purple, twirling and landing here and there on the stylized trees treated in relief gold reminiscent of Japanese prints. Created by the brand as a warm gift to celebrate 40 years of partnership, this piece is exclusive to Tanagra.


Discover more from our exclusive 40th Collection at Tanagra this 2021. 

40th Ruby Aux Papillons Vase
AED 5,500