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A Closer Look: Artist Jisbar

Jisbar is one of the most prominent figures of his generation in the world of pop-street art today. Jisbar has exhibited in a dozen galleries and in prestigious museums all around the world. Not only that, but the artist has worked with important players from the fashion industry and entertainment business such as DJ Snake, Cardi B, Miss Europe Committee, JM Weston, Giorgio Armani, and many more. From opportunities upon his extravagant accolades, Jisbar was also the first artist to exhibit a painting into the outer space in orbit around Earth in 2019.

Jisbar’s interest in art sparked at a very young age thanks to his mother who used to take him with her to museums. He immediately grew fond of the atmosphere and the canvases full of colors by artists from all around the globe. “These crazy ideas and symbols immediately resonated with me and gave me the will to try to become an artist myself at only 10 years old,” Jisbar tells us. 

For 10 years now, Jisbar’s art has been moving the benchmark in pop culture with mischievous irony. His work is best known for his (re)interpretations of classical and historical paintings, while his creations are an invitation to discover or rediscover the most famous works of art mixed with the codes of pop culture, bringing a touch of modernity and making them more understandable to people who are usually less sensitive to them. “My art is mix of different styles that left a mark in me, from the most classical style with strong subjects, to street art with a vindictive side to it, or naïve art with a lot more spontaneity and pop art with all its icons. All these influences can be found in my work,” he explains.

Some implement their creativity through a source of inspiration, others prefer to have free-range when it comes to their artwork – with Jisbar, it is both and beyond. “My artistic process is most of the time spontaneous and free style, imported from my day to day life. It means that I do not know what I will be painting in the morning, I leave it all to my spontaneous creativity. I take inspiration from the moment, how I feel, the latest news, stuff I saw, people I met, stories that inspired me. I like to say that a painting reflects my life at the exact moment it was painted,” he says.

Q: How important do you think having the right artwork in your home is? What type of house would be perfect for a Jisbar piece?

When it comes to home décor and having the right artwork in your home, Jisbar believes a painting will give a home its personality. “It is really important to choose the right piece of art. Furthermore, it will carry sentimental value, that will be kept throughout generations. So, one should have a personal bound to it. It is always interesting to see how much a piece of art can magnify a home and give a room a genuine plus.” he explains. “Any house could feature my work, as long as it is in the right spot, with the appropriate format and of course to have the feeling about it. A work of art is going to blend into the design of the house; however, it is the owner who will turn it into a masterpiece or not.”


Any house can feature a Jisbar piece as long as its owner has enough audacity to own one!