Mosaique Gobelet Set Of 2, large

Mosaique Gobelet Set Of 2



Mosaique Gobelet Set Of 2

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Handcrafted using traditional glassblowing techniques, the tableware has a simple silhouette that is precise and elegant. The understated shape of the tumblers makes their use appropriate for any and all drinking experiences: as a water or fruit juice glass, or mixed in with Baccarat Clear crystal bar sets. The hand-blown Mosa'que tumblers are cased in Clear crystal, and are available in a vast array of cheerful colors: orange, topaz, midnight, amethyst, cobalt blue, emerald, moss, sapphire, and Baccarat's signature ruby red crystal. The interplay of light with the smooth surface and the colored crystal makes for a radiant table and a compelling soir'e.

Material: Crystal
Dimension: H 3.9'’, Dia 3.3''
Color: Blue
Ref: 002213399803

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