Beauty and family
are at the heart of the Tanagra concept

For over 35 years, Tanagra has selected the most talented manufacturers and artisans to bring beauty to your home, inspiring you to celebrate joyful moments with unique gifts.

At Tanagra, we care for our guests; we offer you an inspiring, refined and edited array of lifestyle gifts and art de vivre, complemented by expert advice and unique services.

Since opening our doors in 1980, the Tanagra network has evolved to nine boutiques in the GCC, becoming the leader in retail for luxury home accessories.


Tanagra (Greek: Τανάγρα) is a town in the municipality of Athens in Greece, celebrated for the grace and beauty of its women. In their honor, town sculptors crafted statuettes detailing their exquisite silhouettes.

These painted terra-cotta figurines date back to 2300 years ago and were later discovered in 1870.

The most famous of them being the "Dame en Bleu", or "Lady in Blue", on permanent display at the Louvre Museum , Paris.

"By extension, Tanagra is used in French to describe a person or an object as beautiful, harmonious and elegant. Respecting both its name and heritage, Tanagra today enjoys an unrivalled reputation, offering its consumers a selection of luxurious, exclusive and refined brands."

Widad Chalhoub